24 August 2020

The Word Lab Session on poster design

This week!

"10 Simple Rules for Designing an Academic Poster" Sydelle de Souza, 26.08.2020, at 1430 (UTC+1)

WordLab presents “10 simples rules for designing an academic poster.” with Sydelle de Souza. It’s free to attend this Zoom meeting, but you do need to sign up here to get an invite and the link to the meeting. Scroll down, and you’ll find it on the left-hand side.

Word Lab Sessions is an online place for casual conversation about linguistics in academia. I stumbled across their upcoming session on Instagram and though it would be of interest for some readers, particularly for any of you who are in Europe or Africa. (The time differences make it an early morning for someone in western North America!)

This is just one of several sessions they have hosted. Another general topic coming up is “The Fundamentals of Writing an Academic Paper” on September 16. (It‘s good to know even linguists have to work at this.) Most of their session focus on linguistics, so if linguistics is your main wheelhouse, definitely check them out!

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