06 June 2022

Listen to the ABT Time podcast

ABT Time podcast. The world never has to be boring.
The most recent podcast interview to cover the Better Posters book is on the ABT Time podcast, episode 39, hosted by Randy Olson.

“ABT” in ABT Time is the abbreviation for “And, but, therefore” – the key words for making a concise narrative.

The ABT structure features prominently in Better Posters because it is an powerful tool for encapsulating a project in a sentence. It’s often hard at the start of a project to know what the most important thing will be, and you have a lot of narrative chaff at first. An ABT sentence just cuts away the chaff.

As with some of the other podcasts, this one is more wide ranging than just posters and just narrative. I’ve crossed paths with Randy a few times, so we got to have a little fun in the conversation.

The ABT Time podcast should be available wherever you get your podcasts (Apple, Spotify, YouTube, etc.).

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ABT Time #39 on ABT Agenda

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