08 June 2021

Better Posters book reviews

"Every lab should have a copy of Better Posters." - Stephen Heard, Scientists Sees Squirrel

 In this post, I’ll be compiling reviews of the Better Posters book.

Reviews are extremely helpful to get the word out on books. I thank everyone who takes a few moments to review or rate the book.

June 2021

Better Posters: Zen Faulkes on ways to rescue the poster session by Stephen B. Heard at the Scientist Sees Squirrel blog. Excerpt:

I’ll cut to the chase here: this book is great.

Good Reads reviews for Better Posters. (As of this writing, there is only one review. But it’s early days yet!)
July 2021

Book review: Better Posters by Kristen Birney at the Data Ab Initio blog. Excerpt:
Better Posters aims to be a definitive reference on the academic conference poster... and I think it succeeds.
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August 2021

Book Authority Best New Academic Research Books
Better Posters is featured as “7 Best New Academic Research Books To Read In 2021.”

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November 2021

Jon Schwabish says:

Even though it’s specific to this one part of data communication, I think there’s a lot going on here that a lot of us can learn about data communication.

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December 2021

David Schulz writes:

I believe it will become my go-to recommendation for those who are creating scientific posters.  No other book (even mine) has this depth of analysis(.)

Catherine Scott says:

I highly recommend this book(.) I credit award winning posters made by me an my mentees with the advice given therein!

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March 2022
The Exploring Chiro podcast says:
It should be a must read for graduate students and researchers.

Sarang Park, manager of the I Am SciComm account (where I have hosted), said, completely unprompted:

His book Better Posters is fantastic - I can’t recommend it enough.


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If you spot a review to include here, please email me the link at BetterPosters@gmail.com!

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