08 June 2021

Better Posters book reviews

"Every lab should have a copy of Better Posters." - Stephen Heard, Scientists Sees Squirrel

 In this post, I’ll be compiling reviews of the Better Posters book.

Reviews are extremely helpful to get the word out on books. I thank everyone who takes a few moments to review or rate the book.

June 2021

Better Posters: Zen Faulkes on ways to rescue the poster session by Stephen B. Heard at the Scientist Sees Squirrel blog. Excerpt:

I’ll cut to the chase here: this book is great.

Good Reads reviews for Better Posters. (As of this writing, there is only one review. But it’s early days yet!)
July 2021

Book review: Better Posters by Kristen Birney at the Data Ab Initio blog. Excerpt:
Better Posters aims to be a definitive reference on the academic conference poster... and I think it succeeds.
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August 2021

Book Authority Best New Academic Research Books
Better Posters is featured as “7 Best New Academic Research Books To Read In 2021.”

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November 2021

Jon Schwabish says:

Even though it’s specific to this one part of data communication, I think there’s a lot going on here that a lot of us can learn about data communication.

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December 2021

David Schulz writes:

I believe it will become my go-to recommendation for those who are creating scientific posters.  No other book (even mine) has this depth of analysis(.)

Catherine Scott says:

I highly recommend this book(.) I credit award winning posters made by me an my mentees with the advice given therein!

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March 2022
The Exploring Chiro podcast says:
It should be a must read for graduate students and researchers.

Sarang Park, manager of the I Am SciComm account (where I have hosted), said, completely unprompted:

His book Better Posters is fantastic - I can’t recommend it enough.


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February 2024

Conservation Biology includes Better Posters in its “Noted with interest” book review section. It says in part, “This excellent book is useful and enjoyable to read.” Hat tip to Sarah Stott for spotting that and alerting me!

If you spot a review to include here, please email me the link at BetterPosters@gmail.com!

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