30 March 2021

When can you read the Better Posters book? Update!

While I encourage you to support local bookstores and my publisher (who, let’s recall, is offering 30% off when you pre-order when you use the code “POSTERS30” at checkout), the reality is that we all know who the gorilla in the room is when it comes to books.

King Kong

(And not just any gorilla, but a 102 m tall gorilla.)

A couple of notes arising from the retailer pages for the book at Amazon, Chapters, and Barnes & Noble.

  • Retailers are currently showing the release date at 24 May, 2021. I checked with the publisher, and the book should be in the US on April 29, and make its way out within a couple of days. So you may be able to get your book earlier than the retailers are saying.
  • There will be ebook editions for Kindle, Kobo, and Nook!
  • Amazon and Chapters has pages from the book you can preview! Check them out!

External links

Bookshop.org page for Better Posters (hub for local retailers)

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