26 March 2021

The Better Posters book is on its way!

It’s happening! After a year’s delay, the Better Posters book is shipping – at least, my copies are!

Your parcel will be dispatched soon! Contents: Books.

Of course, I’m still having mild panic about shipping my book at a time when world shipping is getting totally messed up by the flipping Ever Given container ship blocking the Suez Canal.

Evergreen container ship stuck on Suez Canal.

Are any copies of my book on the Ever Given? Almost certainly not. Is this the biggest problem of having one of the world’s major economic shipping lines fubar’d? No it is not. Is this still freaking me out a little? Yes it is.

Come on, little tractor! Free the Ever Given!

Small tractor at base of Evergreen, dwarfed by ship's hull.

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