29 September 2016

Link roundup for September 2016

Quote of the month:

A conference poster should be readable in 3 minutes, from 3 metres away, after 3 beers.

The tweet is from Torsten Seemann, but It think he’s quoting Matthew Wakefield.

Michael Skvarla has a nominee for the best poster title of this year’s International Congress of Entomology:

Hat top to Megan Lynch.

“There is  no substitute for a scatterplot, at least for relatively small sample sizes.” Also, stop plotting standard error of the mean (SEM).

Conference organizers, watch out for bias.

I’m not sure if I’ve linked to the Junk Charts blog before on this blog, but here it is, just in case. I know I haven’t linked out to this list of five great design blogs, though. Hat tip to The Old Reader.

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