19 June 2014

Critique: Skin, close up

Today’s contribution comes from Edgar Guevara, and is shown with permission. Click to enlarge!

The clean layout of this poster makes the reading order so clear that you don’t really need the circled numbers in the heading. I like the circled numbers as a bit of a design, though. But they would be even better if they were used consistently: the fourth column gets a “Cont” heading, but not the second.

The major concern I have is that the text has almost no margins around it. The letters at the start and end of each line are practically kissing the background image. I did a very quick and dirty attempt to widen out the margins:

If I were to keep at this, I would try to move the columns up, so that the white boxes weren’t scraping the edge of the paper, and even out the spacing between the columns. But I think this shows that a slightly wider margin improves the look of the text within the columns.

The graphics, while generally nice, are mostly down in the bottom half of the poster. I would be trying to move those images up closer to eye level if possible.

The background image is simple, so it doesn’t detract too much from the main content of the poster.

Although the logos are tastefully contained in the bottom corner, there are so many that they do start to look a little like a car in NASCAR.

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