12 June 2014

Critique: German chamomile

Today’s contribution comes from Reyna Gutierrez Rivera, and is used with permission. Click to enlarge!

On the plus side, the “Finding” box at top works well in providing a clear take-home message. The methods flow chart is also a good idea, although it could benefit from being smaller, because...

Everything is too close together! This poster needs wider margins between the columns, between the graphs, just everywhere. Making text smaller or cut some material will be worth it. The place where the poster needs the most clean-up is in the results. You kind of have two columns, but nothing lines up, so it looks disorganized. For instance, the figure and table legends don't line up with their data above them.

Given how much is crowded below, a lot of space can be freed up by putting the institutional address on one line. It's chewing up a lot of space.

Tables are always a problem on posters, because they are not very visual. Can you think of a way to show this graphically? If not, Table 1 would benefit from being wider (or a graph), so you don't have so many words hyphenated. Also, try removing the vertical lines in the table so you don't have a "data prison".

Figure 2 is squashed; the text in the axes give it away.

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Reyna said...

Thank you so much for the comments. I got a second version where I decided not to use the table. I really like it, even though it's not too differences in the colour, but it definitely improved.