27 April 2023

Link round-up for April 2023

A well executed poster in comics style:

Comics stye poster on sulfur cycling in acad mine drainage consortium

Poster by Roger Ort. Hat tip to Antonia Hadjimichael.

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Pop culture reference? Hmm...

Poster titled "The Fast and the Furriest"

Wait, interactive papercraft?

Close up showing car shape is a flap that can be lifted  to reveal information underneath.to reve


You had my cuiosity. Now you have my attention.

Work by Fitzy. She nailed one of the advantages of having this kind of interactive element on a poster:

it was great in nabbing people to come closer and chat lmao

Hat Tip to Catherine Scott.

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Conferences should be for everyone! To help make that real, here is a “Toolkit to Design More Accessible Scientific Meetings and Conferences” (link opens PDF). Here are a couple of pieces of advice related to posters:

Information To Share Prior To The Conference: Map of exhibit hall and where poster sessions are located, along with a written description of this information.

Exhibit halls and poster sessions: When possible, provide several feet between posters to allow participants to hear what is being said by the presenter.

During your presentation: If presenting a poster or visiting a poster, initiate the conversation by identifying yourself by name.

I am very glad to see the second point. Conference organizers are tending to make posters smaller so they don’t have to pay for bigger spaces. Small posters are an accessibility issue!

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Here’s a 23 minute recording of an online workshop for poster making! This is coming from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Faulconer E, Deters R, Terwilliger B, Rister A, Velez M. 2023. Research scholars workshop: Research posters that engage. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7756874

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A short book chapter that I hadn’t seen before:

Thakur AJ. 2022. Posters for medical & scientific meetings. In: Tapping the Power of PowerPoint for Medical Posters and Presentations, pp. 119-134. Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore.

Most of the basic suggestions about poster design are there, but I wish the text and illustrations were more polished. For instance, there are multiple quotes attributed to “Anonymous”, but no source is given in the references.

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Thanks for joining me this month!

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