02 March 2023

Plastic octopus

This is not timely post. But join me and step into the Wayback Machine with me, to go back to 2017. I stumbled across this award winning poster from Stephanie Harris. This is from the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour Easter meeting from that year.

Stephanie Harris holding a certificate for her poster prize, with her poster in the background. A plastic octopus is attached to the poster.

I was looking at is, and thought... “Wait, what is that just to the right of her certificate?” I zoomed in.

Plastic octopus attached to poster.

It’s a plastic octopus. But not some plastic octopus randomly attached to the poster for no reason. It was actually used in the research project to test birds’ personalities.

So I just wanted to make this very short post to remind people that you can use your poster space to do more than just put up a sheet of paper.

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