08 May 2021

Custom Better Posters bookplates

Bookplate saying "Ex libris", "With the gratitude of the author" and "Pelagic publishing".

Here’s one for the book nerds.

For people who ordered the physical copies of the Better Posters book, I have a little something for you. I have just ordered some custom bookplates for you!

Some of my friends told me they want signed copies of the book. I personally am not all that interested in packing up books and hauling them to the post office or where. But sticking bookplates in an envelope? That I can do!

These will probably arrive slightly after the book does. (Grading my classes kept me from being slightly more prompt about this. Sorry.)

If you want one, show “proof of life” (that is, a picture of your copy of the book) on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or wherever). Email me the link at BetterPosters@gmail.com and include your mailing address. Pics of the book next to pets, in cool places, or by smiling faces are appreciated but not required.

While I freely admit that this is a bit of a marketing gimmick, the bigger thing I hope to get out of this is to see the book out in the world and in the hands of people who I hope will find it useful and enjoyable.

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