16 July 2020

Review: DesignCap

Having reviewed a couple of online graphic editors this month, I got an email from a company, DesignCap, asking me to do a third. I created an account and logged in.

Wow, it’s a lot like Canva (reviewed last week, here). The user interface, the templates... these two services are clearly trying to occupy the same space.

Lots of features are locked for paid membership. You can only save five designs at a time. You are limited to five image uploads (that would be a big problem for many posters). You can export to JPG but not PNG or PDF. You can only expert in “Small” size.

Some features are missing entirely. There is no “space evenly” button, paid or not.

I try a poster template. They are all 420 by 594 mm (16.5 by 23 inches). That’s really the size of a flyer to me. Too small for a conference poster.

I tried to create a poster to a custom size. Hm, can’t enter size in inches, only pixels. And the maximum number of pixels is 4,000. Too small for a conference poster.

DesignCap can’t make a conference poster. We’re done here.

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