25 July 2018

A T-shirt tangent

If I may be permitted a moment of self-indulgence, I would like to share this:

This is a T-shirt design I entered into a contest for the International Association of Astacology. And it won!

  • First place: “Astacus fluviatilis” by Zen Faulkes
  • Second place: “Euastacus,” front and back design by Premek Hamr
  • Third place: “Astacolic” by Alexa Ballinger

I can now say the Better Posters blog is written and curated by an award-winning graphic designer.  😉

Over at the NeuroDojo blog, I wrote about the design of the shirt, other designs I made that I like even more but that didn’t win, and my newfound admiration for Rösel von Rosenhof.

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Crayfish clothing contest conqueror!

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