12 May 2015

Register now for #SciFund poster making class!

The poster design class I mentioned last week is now ready for you to sign up! Click here to register for the class!

The official announcement on the #SciFund blog has a few more nitty gritty details.

This is the first time we’re charging for a #SciFund class (US$50), so I’d like to address is a question I’m sure many people will ask:

“What am I getting for my money?”

Valid question. After all, I’m one of the instructors, and this blog exists to spread ideas I have about poster design around for free. If someone read all the entries in this blog, you would probably have a very good idea of some of the things I’d be talking about in the class.

One benefit of the class is that you’ll be able to have a lot of interaction with the instructors. It isn’t just me leading the class; I’ll be joined by Anthony and Jai. And while a blog is static, working in the class will not be.

Perhaps more importantly, you will get to have a lot of interaction with other students in the class. In a class like this, the opportunity to get the ideas and feedback of others can be invaluable, because different people bring such different ideas about style.

Another thing that you get from being in the class is that we do have plans to offer a certificate of completion for those who make it all the way through. This could be useful in demonstrating that you’ve been engaged in professional development activities.

Once again, you can click here to register for the class! I hope you will join us!

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