26 December 2013

Link roundup for December 2013

Fonts have feelings too” is a nice look at typography by Mikael Cho (hat tip to Julie Dirksen). I am indebted for it sharing this visual on text legibility, originally from here:

Namnezia has a nice take on what a poster is for, and why you shouldn’t hold back on presenting stuff on it:

(A poster) is not a press release, or pre publication. Rather it is a chance to present your work and get your colleagues excited about it.

Apparently, many poster authors get their work done here. From I Can Haz Cheezburger.

The difference between screen and print. ICHC again.

ICHC is on a roll.

And I’ve got one more, showing the power of proximity is great. Do not abuse it! Courtesy of Scott Jordan Harris:

The American Society for Cell Biology has a little rationale and tutorial for putting a poster in the cloud. It emphasizes figshare, which has been featured on the blog before.

ACNP spotted this creative and interesting poster tube:

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