08 August 2013

Critique and makeover: Prediciting pollinators project

Today’s poster is courtesy of Adriana De Palma. This poster is also available from predicts.org.uk. She notes, “At the bottom where it says ‘please pick up a flyer’, I obviously had flyers by the poster that could be taken!” You can click to enlarge.

Adriana is a regular reader of the blog, so not surprisingly, there a lot I like about this poster. There’s an attractive photo in the upper left to provide an entry point. The reading order is clear. The text is large and visible, and the colours on the graphs and bottom logos are cohesive.

Regular readers will also not be surprised to learn that my biggest concern is with the logo next to the title. First, the logo is so big that it is competing with the title for attention. Second, that the logo contains a word, in the same colour as the title, makes it a bit difficult to separate the two, causing a bit of visual confusion. My first attempt was to try flipping the position of the title and the logo, and make the logo a little smaller.

Then, I tried making the logo a light gray, so as to be a little less obtrusive and distinct from the title.

Regular readers will also know my anti-box prejudice, and shouldn’t be surprised that I removed the box around the material at the bottom.

The “Imperial College London” and “BBSRC” logos are uncomfortably close to touching. I shrank both of them to give them a little more breathing room:

Finally, I went back to that top logo again. I still wasn’t happy with it. While I liked the title displayed more prominently on the left and the logo on the right, I decided to try an alternate version without the “Predicts” logo at the top at all:

Personally, I like this version with just the title. If I had the inclination to keep fiddling with it, I probably would have tried to move the “Predicts” logo down to the bottom, next to the QR code, but the amount of fiddling it would have taken to get it right deterred me from attempting it.

Thanks to Adriana for sharing!

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Anonymous said...
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Adriana said...

I personally find it rather irritating when spaces between words are uneven - but I grant you that I seem to be in the minority here! I feel like it's a trade-off between drawing people to the poster by having pretty justified text, and actually having an easy to read poster by having left aligned text - and I'm not sure which side I want to sway towards. But maybe I'm just odd in that I find justified text harder to read!

Anonymous said...
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