21 April 2013

Critique: antifungal drugs

The call came out on Twitter:

presenter wants feedback on layout of poster. Thoughts?

The tweet contained a link to this picture (click to enlarge):

The image size prevents a more detailed critique, but I sent back links to four posts here on the blog.

Abstract abolition: I put this one first, because just days before, I had done a critique where the main pathway to improving the poster was getting rid of the abstract. The abstract here is chewing up about 10% of the main text for no good purpose.

The epic logo post: The institutional logos make me cringe. These huge slab serif logos bookending the title completely overpowers the title, which is barely readable in the photo. A logo should never, never be more important than the title.

The data prison: Dense tables are the enemy of attracting viewers. I continue to be surprised by the fact that nobody seems to notice how journals lay out tables, with only a few horizontal lines.

Should your first presentation be a poster?: I provided this as an example of the problem of too much text. (I could have also used this post.)

As a bloggy bonus link, I add:

Boxism: This particular poster isn't bad, because at least the boxes are only one set deep. Boxes around just the columns would be an improvement over every single item on the poster.

And I don’t know what that bar over the three righthand columns at the top is doing.

That said, it appears the reading order is clear, and I also like the consistent colour scheme.

Hat tip to Biochem Belle for bringing this to my attention.

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