21 March 2013

Critique: Mozzie genes

Today’s poster is courtesy of Brantley Hall. Click to enlarge...

Brantly writes that this poster was partially inspired by two others that have been featured here, both of which featured circles. He writes:

I liked the two recent posters that had a circular layout, I couldn’t get it to work for my content. Instead, I made a series of golden rectangles with slight compromises for the border around the squares. A rectangular section for the title would ruin the golden rectangles, so I drew sections of a golden spiral in the two biggest sections for the title and authors.

The spiral is ambitious. It gives the poster a distinct look, but the order imposed by the spiral is so strong that is works against normal reading order. When I first glanced at it, the arc of blue and gold lead me to jump straight from the Introduction to the Results, skipping over the lower left corner. Brantley confirmed in email to me that the poster is meant to be read as two columns. However, the lower right is the least important for a general audience, and is mainly there for bioinformatics experts.

Looking at it from a distance, I’m worried people would be drawn to the right side instead of the left, like so:

Everything else about this poster is very nice. There’s not too much material. The colours are well chosen. Blue and gold predominate, and they are a classic colour combination, used over and over again. The pointy edges of the text don’t come too close to the curves and threaten to “pop” them.

You can also see his poster on Prezi.

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Mike Taylor said...

Very interesting approach. I can't help thinking that it could make a big leap just by flipping the spiral left-right, so that you can read it in natural order.

Rebecca said...

Mike - my thoughts exactly about flipping it.

Question for Zen - do you know how Brantley created his template?