20 September 2012

An augmented reality poster

I’ve talked about various ways to make posters more interactive, from using QR codes to showing video. This is another step in making posters more dynamic: using augmented reality.

Jump to the 4 minute mark to see what Adem Bilican did with his poster:

ECCB12 poster awards ceremony by abilican

Given this and the winning poster at this year’s Neuroethology congress, it seems that one of the ways to make a successful poster is to transcend the poster format. How can you give someone more than a piece of paper on a board?

External links

Poster prize at ECCB12 with my augmented reality poster
ECCB12 poster awards ceremony
ECCB 2012: Bioinformatics with a Swiss Flavour
ECCB12 poster prize for A Bilican

Hat tip to Guillaume Collet.

1 comment:

ademcan said...

Hey, it's my poster :)
It is a very big pleasure to be cited on this blog. I am very happy. I would also like to thank Guillaume for passing the message.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any question, I will be happy to answer.