12 June 2012

As was foretold by prophecy

When you join scientific societies, you get surveys. The most recent one I got from a society I belong to asked this question.

In which of the following possible services or extensions of the annual meeting would you be interested in participating in the future if they were made available?

There was a long list of options, but these caught my eye:

  • Dynamic Posters (on-site) — Electronic poster boards that allow for video and other multi-media content.
  • Online Posters – Posters with online access prior to and after the meeting that continues to protect the proprietary research being presented.

Online posters would be helpful, but nothing new. But “dynamic posters”... now those could be a significant improvement and innovation. This is not just an idle, pie in the sky idea. A later question shows the organizers clearly have some tech in mind:

What would be most important considerations for you regarding possibly visiting Dynamic Posters?
  • Adequate size of the posters: (the screen will generally be smaller than a traditional poster board)
  • Ability to see the entire poster at all times

I doubt we’ll see “Dynamic Posters” at this year’s meeting, or even next. But I am excited by the prospects. And that “Dynamic Posters” totally sounds like an old B-movie or comic marketing blurb.

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Trevor said...

My research group has experimented "dynamic posters" using a Kindle Fire. We loaded some videos from our youtube page onto the tablet and attached it to the poster using Velcro. It worked really well except that the sound can be difficult to hear during a poster session. The rest of the poster was pretty standard, but people seemed to enjoy watching the videos.

ExLabJunkie said...

Is the next step trailers for upcoming posters? ;)

At my last conference (Nov/2011), some poster presenters emailed the poster to you on request. I really liked that feature!

Andres said...

I could imagine that as iPads and the like become ubiquitous, one strategy will be to place virtual links on the poster so that someone can aim their iPad camera at a graph summarizing some data and see a movie of representative examples on their device. No new technology would be needed for this, just some QR codes on the poster. We already offer a QR link to a PDF of the poster/article that people can download to their phones.
PS: The Golden Voyage of Sinbad is totally NOT a B movie... Just saying.