14 April 2011

Is it risky to have a nice poster?

The Pulsatance blog seems to show a stereotype about conference presentations is still very much alive.

It’s as risky as giving a research presentation where you actually pay attention to font selection, color schemes, and composition.

I can’t quite tell if the author is being serious or sarcastic. I hope it’s meant in jest. I have never heard of someone criticizing, or being criticized, for having a had a poster or presentation that was “too pretty.” (If you have heard such criticisms, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!)

Beautiful does not mean dumb. It’s as true for posters as it is for people.

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Unknown said...

maybe its the chalk-talk presentation is better school of thought

Bronwyn said...

Some people assume that much time spent on poster means little time spent at bench. Some of these people don't bother to read the pretty poster to find out if their assumptions are correct.