17 May 2022

Is the future of posters a bunch of big screens?

Paul Bracher (ChemBark) sent a message from the Astrobiology Science Conference (#AbSciCon22 on Twitter) conference that seems to have come close to getting an electronic poster session right.

Conference room with large screens for showing posters.

The infrastructure was provided by iPosterSessions, who have appeared on the blog before. Rooms have up to 10 screens. Poster sessions are 90 minutes, and begin with 3 minute talk from each presenter. Presenters and audience can then visit individual posters.

Paul saw advantages.

I like that I didn’t need to print ($/time). I like that I can edit mistakes. I like that I can leave making it to the last minute. I like not carrying a tube. I like I can browse posters far away, without fighting crowds in my wheelchair.

Not everyone responded so well. Some pointed out that screens are expensive and more prone to failing than paper. The replies in the thread make for interesting reading.

Regardless of the success at this conference, I doubt we will see this adopted wholesale for the big meetings like Neuroscience and AGU any time soon. I can’t imagine anyone is willing to buy the thousands of screens that would be needed to replace all the poster boards in those venue any time soon.

Clearly much more to come on electronic posters, how they are used, and so on.

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