02 July 2021

The 2021 #BlackInX poster winners

One of the good things that emerged in 2020 was a series of grassroots Twitter events highlighting the achievements of Black scientists. Recently, these combined forces for a #BlackInXConference online. And there was a poster competition on Twitter!

Here are the winners. Click any to enlarge! Click the Twitter handle for the thread describing the poster.

Cellas Hayes (@c3llas):


Poster titled, "Neuroendocrine modulation alters cellular function In the neurogliovascular unit and learning and memory in vivo"

Caprice Phillips (@CapricePhillips

Poster titled, "Detecting potential biosignatures in gas dwarf atmospheres with the James Webb Space Telescope"

Lashanda Williams (@DrCoolSci):

Poster titled, "Multidisciplinary support for yoga as a part of a sustainable self-care practice for academics"

 Congratulations to all!

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