06 December 2012

Giving posters to schools

One of the issues with conference posters is that they are usually one-shot deals.

You design the poster. You print the poster. You have the poster up for a few hours or days at the conference. And... then what?

Why not donate them to schools?

Science Café in Little Rock gives conference posters from the local universities to high school classes.

I like this idea. Academics in universities often forget how much we have in terms of information and resources. I also like the notion that students can see the kinds of projects that are going on by local scientists. This would even be more powerful is the poster shows research by undergraduate students, so that high school students can see that making real research contributions need not be in the far future, a decade or more away, but something that is right around the corner.

Hat tip to Will Slaton. Photo by Argonne National Laboratory on Flickr; used under a Creative Commons license.

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