14 June 2012

Critique: Heparin

Today’s poster comes from Chloe Gallagher. Click to enlarge!

My biggest concern is the triangle and three boxes that run into both the Introduction and the Methods. I keep looking at it, and it confuses me. I don't understand which section of the poster it relates to. It needs to be placed clearly in one section or the other.

I like the art deco type used in the title; it adds a little elegance. I would have used it for the section headings, too.

The logo next to the name is reasonably unobtrusive, but why does it have to show up again in the lower right corner?

The results section looks thrown together. There’s no consistency of colour, of labelling (Table 2? Where’s Table 1?), and none of the graphs align.

While I kind of like the box defining equipoise as a graphic element, it feels out a place. I usually expect to find basic definitions at the front of something rather than the end.

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