28 June 2012

Link roundup, June 2012

The National Science Foundation’s program, IGERT is hosting a virtual poster session. I haven’t had time to peruse them in detail, but if you see a cool one, let me know!

More online infographics applications are appearing: http://infogr.am/ and http://venngage.com/. Be careful using these!

Conference! The Game from NeuroSkeptic.

I’m often telling people to make things bigger. Here, John McWade takes this advice to the extreme.

You can drive yourself crazy trying to find something that sets you apart from the crowd. A look at the creation of logos at the Design Observer Observatory.

Here’s a book on Spacing and Arrangement of Type that shows how not to do it.

Lora Innes gives advice on laying out comic pages that has lessons for conference poster makers, too. Like this:

The moment your reader wonders, “Where do I go next?” you’ve lost them. It’s like seeing a boom mic in a movie shot. Illusion destroyed.

Prof-Like Substance has several guides on how to use Adobe Illustrator.

We call it “bait” because it’s so irresistable: 100 beautiful free fonts.

The most valuable movie poster in the world is going up for auction.

Finally, Bora Zivcovik was kind enough to make this his blog of the week near the end of May.

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