06 May 2010

Maestros wanted

I’m looking for inspiration.

I’m looking for talent and craftsmanship.

I’m looking for people whose posters consistently stand out.

People who give good consistently talks can become well-known for doing so. People who make consistently good posters... I can’t think of a single one.

Beautiful slide decks even have their own archives. For instance, I recently discovered Note & Point, a self-described collection of slideware slides “looking that much better.” I’m sure there are many others.

But there isn’t anywhere you can go for a similar gallery of really knockout conference posters. You can find good posters at ePosters and the Pimp my Posters Flickr group, but those have different mandates, really. The former is a general archive, the latter a testing ground.

That’s why I would like your help. If you know a colleague who is great at making posters, please let me know. If you find a single poster somewhere that is just a masterpiece, send me the link. I’d like to start featuring their work, finding out what they do to make great posters, and sharing that with you.

Wearing a black tuxedo is admired, but in no way required.

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