24 February 2021

Four critiques, on video

Last week, I gave a presentation online to the University of New Hampshire. They recorded it, and have generously made the recording not only available to their campus community, but to everyone.

Screenshot of Zoom call for University of New Hampshire poster workshop

You can find the workshop here. As of now, I don’t know if there is a way to embed the video.

Thanks to the four rugged individuals who agreed to let me review their posters. I gave each poster a nickname:

  • The kitchen drawer poster
  • The “Too much coffee” poster
  • The tombstone poster
  • The “Just a trim” poster

The video is extra convenient, because you can listen to it at one and a half or even double speed, pause, or rewind it – unlike me!

External links

2021 Research Communications Academy: Better Posters with Dr. Zen Faulkes

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