28 March 2013

Link roundup for March 2013

Karl Fast manages to neatly summarize my approach to posters on this blog (hat tip to Julie Dirksen):

Design is not about right and wrong, or even good and bad. It's about better or worse. It's about a spectrum and improvement.

Girls Are Geeks has an nice introduction to typography, including a list of resources, starting points, and ways to learn. I love how Dawn describes “typography fandom.”

So it’s really no surprise that I grew into the typography fandom. And now you can get excited about it too!

Indeed, in her “about” page, Dawn says one of her geekouts is, “Good use of white space in logos.”

Colin Purrington looks at word count in posters. I particular love that it has a “kids these days” comment. Now, everyone get off Colin’s lawn.

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Girls Are Geeks said...

Thanks for picking out my Typography post! I browsed a bit, and this blog is a great resource. I definitely agree that conference posters need a lot of work!

Girls Are Geeks