28 February 2013

Link roundup for February 2013

On Quora, a great question and answer: can anyone recognize the difference between good design and bad design?

Tired of “lorem ipsum” for quick layouts? Blokk is the typeface for you.

I salute Alexis Rudd’s graphic talent, earned by photoshopping video game characters:

Who says all that time spent photoshopping Final Fantasy VII characters in high school was a waste? BAM! SCIENCE!
See, it doesn’t matter how you learn graphic skills. They will reward you sooner or later.

The AAAS / Science magazine awards for “visualization challenge” includes a poster category. This year’s winner triumphed, I think, because of the interesting question (“How can owls turn their heads around so far?”) combined with the craft necessary to make very good anatomical drawings.

Seth Godin on things we want from conferences:

Open, generous and connected(.) Isn't that what we seek from a co-worker, boss, friend or even a fellow conference attendee? ... Paradoxically, the fancier the conference, the more fabled the people around the table, the less likely you are to find these attributes.

If your at a desktop, this colour picker might not work for you. But if you have a touchscreen enabled, oh my, this is fun! Hat tip to Simon Bostock.

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