18 October 2012

American Physiological Society poster course

The American Physiological Society has decided to provide a course on poster-making. I’m pleased to see at least one scientific society taking a more active interest in poster presentations! The text below is pulled from this PDF. I’m tempted to take it myself to see what there is to learn, and how other people do things.

2012 Professional Skills Training Course: Creating a Poster for a Scientific Meeting Online Course

Does Your Poster Have All of the Necessary Pieces?

How is the course structured?

  • 7‐day online course (November 15‐21)
  • All exercises and course materials are accessible 24/7
  • Discussion boards will allow you to interact with top faculty and peers
  • Course will be taught in written English

What is my commitment?

  • Dedicate approximately 1 hour a day to the online course
  • Complete all lessons on time and participate in all aspects of the course
  • Thoughtfully complete all the evaluations before, during, and after the course

What is the cost?

  • APS Member Price ‐$90 (you must be a member at the time of registration to qualify for this price)
  • Non‐Member Price ‐$180

What hardware or software do I need to have?

  • Computer with internet access (preferably high‐speed internet)
  • Software:
    • Browser: Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox ‐recent version
    • Microsoft Word
    • Adobe PDF reader (free download)
    • Macromedia Flash Player 6.079 or later (free download)

Register Online 1‐31 October2012.
Go to http://bit.ly/SJ8gNT, select the “Creating a Poster for a Scientific Meeting” link and register.

Hat tip to Janet Stemwedel.


Mike Taylor said...

How can those software requirements make any sense? They don't include anything for actually making posters!

Mike Taylor said...

Testing the modified comment settings.