01 March 2012

Link roundup, February 2012

Nature has a good sized feature article on conference posters called “Billboard science”. Even better, it’s available for free at the Nature Jobs website. Warning! Contains me. Also features a poster regular readers will recognize from here last year.

The Nature article also features the work of Colin Purrington, who had just weeks earlier puts in his candidate for the worst conference poster ever.

I think I’ve seen worse, though I don’t have any photographic evidence. This at least tries to be a poster. I have seen manuscript pages tacked up on poster board. To me, that’s worse.

On the other end of the spectrum, this might be a candidate for the best conference poster ever. Or at least the people’s choice favourite.

That one should have made it into the Nature article.

Ooh, there’s a Tumblr for silly, impractical, and inane QR codes.

Finally, Cracked takes a look at typefaces. I particularly like this quote:
Mixing (serif and sans serif fonts) in a document is akin to dressing as RoboCop at a Renaissance fair. It looks dumb and makes no fucking sense.

1 comment:

Colin Purrington said...

Yea, I've seen much worse, too. It's surprisingly hard to make a bad poster. After trying, I have a new sense of respect for those who can do it so effortlessly.