05 January 2012

Free maps!

Indiemapper, an online mapping program that I discussed before, is now free for all to use.

I was using it earlier this week. I continue to be impressed with this project. It’s straightforward to import *.kml files from Google Maps or Google Earth, and to export high resolution images from maps.

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Cecilia said...

Hi. Thanks for this. I would like to ask if you have access to any starter notes to using the software.



Zen Faulkes said...

Here's a quick example of how I did the map in the Do I have to draw you a map? post (third one, gray with red dots).

I make a map in Google Maps. After you look at the map, there sidebar at right with the title, and underneath, "Rate this map · Write a comment · KML". Click KML and save the *.kml file.

Launch Indiemapper. It starts up with an "Open" menu. Click on "SHAPEFILE library" tab at the top. Under:

1. Select Scale, pick "Country 1:10 m".
2. Select Theme, pick "Cultural".
3. Select a file, pick "States and Provinces".

A map of the world loads up, and a pan on the left opens, with "Choose a new layer to add" - cancel that out for this.

Go back up to the "Open" button on the upper right corner. It opens the "YOUR data" tab by default; click on "Browse for KML/SHP/GPX" and select the file from Google Maps you saved earlier.

Click load. The data points from the map load (red dots seems to be the default), and again, a window on the left giving you layer options will open up. Cancel them out.

Now you have a map with your data points on them. The default map is a Equirectangular projection, but you can change it by selecting the "Projections" tab in the upper right corner.

It can do much more, but I hope that will get you started.