06 October 2011

Mostly right

There are a lot of elements to creating a scientific poster. What happens if you only miss one element?

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Inspired by the viral linkbait guide.


EllenQ said...

I'm curious about your insistence that it is better for the author to be at the poster. I have talked to a number of colleagues who go out of their way to avoid visiting posters when the author is present. This avoids being sucked into a long conversation about a poster that doesn't turn out to be what you were expecting.

Is this just a quirk of antisocial people with limited time and 3000 posters at the conference conference or do others feel this way too?

Zen said...

If someone doesn’t want to talk to other people face to face, why go to a conference at all?

At many conferences, the posters go up before the formal presentation session. I like this arrangement.

Those who don't want to talk to presenters can see the posters on their own time.

Those of us who do want to talk to presenters, as it give us a chance to scan the posters and find ones we want to follow-up on.

But if a presenter is never at the poster, the people who want to talk to him or her will be disappointed.

The point is not that the presenter has to be at the poster all the time, but that the poster shouldn’t be abandoned, like a blown tire by the side of the road.

Grace | labor posters said...
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