10 November 2011

Link roundup, November 2011

Scicurious has poster advice gleaned from the big show, the Neuroscience meeting. I had my own advice here. I am just about to get on a plane to the Neuroscience conference, so expect loads of commentary from that in the days and weeks to come!

Speaking of conferences, here’s how to travel to a conference.

Software! It makes so much possible! And screws us over, too! What software do scientists use to put together the figures in their talks? There’s a poll that attempts to answer this question. No prizes for guessing the leader, with more users than the next two combined.

This article examines cognitive disfluency. This is something I keep meaning to write about here on the blog, as the idea of cognitive disfluency seems to argue for ugly.

From cognitive disfluence to cognitive dissonance... clever design can make even Hell seem appealing.

A nice example of simplicity in design.

You can tell Arial from Helvitica. But can you tell cheese from font? A hilarious little game.

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