26 August 2011

A stunning, sleek, cool... syllabus?

Today, Twitter is a-buzzin’ with people retweetin’.



Coolest EVER!

Ans it’s a university class syllabus.

A syllabus is generating these comments? This is a first. Elsewhere, I’ve noted:

Things you rarely read on RateMyProfessors.com:

“This professor had a great syllabus.”

History professor Tona Hangen has accomplished what I thought was impossible. She describes on her post, Extreme Makeover, Syllbus Edition, why she turned this (which I think is fair to say is not too far off the mark from a lot of conference posters):

Into this:

And the moral of the story is: Beauty matters. Design matters. With them, you can take something that people overlook and make it fresh and appealing. It can invite people to stop and explore. You can make the mundane and forgettable into something that people will share and talk about.

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