03 May 2011

IGERT poster competition

The National Science Foundation’s Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship program – better known as the IGERT program – is hosting a poster competition. 135 entries are available for viewing right now.

The format for the competition is interesting. They have a downloadable poster, with recorded audio “tours” by the “presenter.” This offers a chance to hear how self-contained each poster is. Is the commentary adding anything valuable?

With 135 to look at, the experience of browsing the website is very much like being at a conference. Try to avoid the temptation to filter down to your particular discipline. As you look at through the thumbnails, ask yourself:

“Which am I clicking on, and why?”

Twenty-four finalists are supposed to be announced this Friday, 6 May.

P.S.—If anyone has a suggestion for posters they’d like me to critique, I’m all ears!

* Hopefully they will be more prompt than the  AACR poster competition, for which the winner still hasn’t been announced as far as I can see.

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