19 October 2010

Paper is more portable than stone tablets

Tales of the Genomic Repairman presents 10 commandments for poster presentations. Lots of nice bits in there.

I will say in regards to number 7, though...

7th Commandment:  Have thy references.  Look if you reference a paper in your poster, bring a hardcopy of each with you and just leave it on the ground.  If someone is arguing a point with you that way you can yank the journal shot them the figure and tell em to eat crow.  Oh and have about no more than 10 references in your poster.

 ... that I’ve never had a conversation in front of a poster that would have been advanced by whipping out a reprint.

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Genomic Repairman said...

I agree its rare, but I have it just in case there is some form of dispute. Someone has argued with me before about how much a given protein has contributed to a process because of based upon what they read in a review but upon looking at the primary data, it looks pretty shaky to begin with. So if leaving a few sheets of paper by my feet can correct a misconception than I find it worthwhile.